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This is truly the cherry on top of landscaping projects. Water literally has a life changing impact. It is true joy having a properly functioning water feature. Unfortunately, if they are not done correctly they can

be a nightmare. Every year we talk to people that have water features that fall into this category. And

while many landscapers claim they do water projects most have very little specialized training to understand the dynamics of a properly designed and constructed project.

  • We are in constant contact with an elite group of contractors across the country that are some of the finest builders in the country if not the world
  • We spend a week every year to sharpen our skills and find the latest techniques and developments in our industry
  • When we build a water feature we stand behind it. And we will do whatever it takes to make sure it works properly so you can feel confident that your pond will always be a source of enjoyment
  • We offer maintenance services if you would like us to routinely check your system to make sure it is operating at peak levels.



No other element in landscaping is more dynamic, inviting, captivating, and relaxing than a water feature. Whether it is a pond, a pondless system, or a fountain having water in your landscape will have an enormous impact. It is not a stretch to say that it will improve the quality of your life.

There are, however, some very important issues that must be addressed. There is a lot more than just digging a hole and adding a pump and some rocks.

No doubt you have seen farm ponds that are green and nasty looking. Obviously that’s NOT what you want.

We incorporate 5 elements in our ponds that keep the water clean and clear. It is important to keep in mind that your pond is an ecosystem and it must stay balanced to have good water quality.

  1. Biological Filtration (Biofalls) – This unit is necessary to keep the water quality high as bacteria colonize here and break down pond wastes and debris that accumulates.
  2. Mechanical Filtration (Skimmer) – This is where debris floating on the surface will get trapped so it can be easily removed. The pump is located here which keeps it from clogging and eliminates an unsightly pump and pipe in the pond.
  3. Plants – Plants help to absorb high levels of nutrient in the water which helps to keep algae in check. They also look great, shade the water, and provide protection for the fish.
  4. Rocks and Gravel – Rocks and gravel create a huge surface area for bacteria to colonize to again help keep the pond balanced. They also protect the liner from the sun and can really help to naturalize the setting.
  5. Fish – Will help to control the algae in the pond as they will eat it. They provide a lot of color and interest because they are fun to watch. We have all been mesmerized by watching fish in an aquarium. Imagine an aquarium on a huge scale.

In the construction of a pond we build shelves so it is not just a pit. The shelves allow marginal plants to grow in more shallow conditions where they will thrive. The deepest part of a pond typically is 2’. It is really not necessary to go deeper. In fact ponds that are deeper than 3’ are subject to stratification issues where the water does not turn over properly requiring additional pump jets

Pondless Waterfalls


Pondless waterfall systems are a water feature without the pond. The water will go into a basin where the pump will be located. We dig the basin and put in the liner. Then we use Aquablox which are like large plastic milk crates that allow the basin to be 99% water and still support the rock and gravel on top.

Pondless systems are great for smaller spaces or for those that just don’t have an interest in fish or who might travel a fair amount. The maintenance on a pondless system is lower basically making sure the basin has enough water in it and keeping leaves from building up too much.

For many pondless systems are the perfect option because you get all the benefits of moving water with the sound and beauty of the stream and waterfalls.



Fountains make a great accent often at the entry to a home or by a patio or deck because they are so peaceful and inviting. And because they take up very little space they can be used almost anywhere. There is a very wide range on the sizes and configurations of a fountain. One type that is very popular is a stone that is drilled through where water will cascade down the stone into the basin.



One of the most wonderful aspects of a water feature is lighting. Night brings out a completely different effect that is incredible to watch. The water flickers and dances and is stunning to see. Plus evening is often when you will be entertaining and you and your company really wouldn’t want to miss the main event.

I remember we had a customer that was hesitating because of the extra expense. I told her that we would install the lights and if she didn’t want them we would take them out. Reluctantly she agreed as she didn’t want us to have to make an extra trip out. The next day I got an emphatic call advising us that we “did not need to come out and take those lights out.” The moral here is you will want lights for your water feature.

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