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Landscape Design and Build


How do I begin?

Here’s what to do.

  • Send photos of the necessary areas of your yard in the upload photos link.
  • We will contact you via phone to discuss your project.

No waiting, taking off work, or wondering who to invite to your home. Let’s first have an open, honest conversation to see if we’re even a good match for your project.

Consultation – During this phase we meet with everyone involved with making a decision about the project. You will be asked a series of strategic questions, we will listen to your ideas and help you get clarity for the overall project layout.

Planning – Every season we tear out existing landscaping that was not well planned, which in turn costs homeowner’s thousands of unnecessary dollars than if it was done right from the beginning. Therefore the planning phase is the most important step of the design process.

For our lighter projects a basic sketch is often the only plan required. Pricing starts at $150 and up. See samples.

For more detailed, larger scale projects our talented designers, will create a master plan to outline and display your dream landscape. See samples and pricing page

Because we charge for our consultations we’re able to take the necessary time to properly plan and design your landscape. We would rather focus our time on quality projects rather than just giving quantity “free estimates”.

Upload Your Photos To Get Started

Sample Sketches

Master Plan Samples

Doughtery Backyard

Doughtery Backyard Landscape_001

Dinah Dosdos Design

Dinah Dosdos Design_001

Warren Patio

Warren Patio_001

Netzer Sample