Kauai Hawaii Fishing Guide

fishing reelHawaii presents a whole range of opportunities for residents and visitors. In Kauai, you find an amazing destination for fun and relaxation all year round. The Island is known to hold some of the world’s natural treasures and sights. One of these treasures is its amazing fishing experience mostly due to its breathtaking natural underwater topography as well as good water depths just meters away from the shore.

Kauai offers a variety of fishing adventures that often ends with a big catch. Today, deep sea fishing is one of the most popular fishing activities on the Island because of its rich water bodies. In fact, the water drops off 1,000 inches in just a quarter of a mile offshore and as much as 6,000 inches just three miles away from shore. If you’ve ever considered fishing in Kauai Hawaii, here’s a complete guide to help you enjoy the experience.

Where to go

If you’re taking a Kauai fishing charter, you’re likely to begin from Nawiliwili, a harbor in Lihue. Some also take off from Port Allen Harbor just by the Southern shore. If you take off from Nawiliwili, you should go through Anahola and Makahuena along the 40 and 1,000 fathom ledges. Getting to the fishing grounds should only take you about 10 minutes. Plus, you’ll be fishing as you move from one spot to another, rather than trying to discover fishing spots.

Just outside the harbors, close to the shore, you can also start fishing for species like Marlin attracted by the Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs) placed close to the shores.

When to go fishing in Kauai

Fishes like the Blue Line Snapper and Blue Marlin are available in Kauai Hawaii all year round. However, the peak season for fishing (especially deep-sea fishing) in Kauai is between February and October. If you’re out to get some Amberjacks, you should set out between January and May when it peaks. For species like Ono, you have an increased chance of a good catch from April through July. For further information, this chart provided by Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing gives a clear representation.

Fishes to look out for

From the Grand Canyon cliffs to other parts of the deep waters that surround Kauai, you’ll find big targets like Ahi, Ono, and Mahi Mahi. Pelagic game fish also tend to migrate towards Kauai- caught up in the middle of the patterns. So, you should look out for several species of Billfish, like the Striped, Blue, Black, Swordfish, Sailfish, and the Short-nosed Spearfish; Mahi Mahi; Ono; and several species of Tuna, including Skipjack, Bigeye, Wavy Black, Yellow fin, and Albacore.

Near the shore, you should also find fishes like Green Job fish (Uku), Amberjack, Kahala, Shark (Mano), and Giant Trevally.

Kauai Fishing FAQs

  • Do I need a license to fish in Kauai Hawaii?

If you’re simply looking to explore the vast saltwater of Kauai for recreational purposes, you do not need a license. However, if it’s freshwater fishing that interests you, you’ll need a license for that in Kauai. The good news, it’s very easy to get. In fact, you can easily go online to request for a license. There are other restrictions and regulations you need to pay attention to with regards to fishing in Kauai Hawaii. You’d need to read up on the Island’s regulations before you embark on your fishing adventure.

  • Can I use fishing lures?

Yes, you can. In fact, you’re encouraged to use fishing lures. While there are quite so many to choose from, you should know what you work for big game fish or onshore fishing and go for it. From jigs, spoons, spinners and plugs to spinnerbaits and poppers, your choice should be based on what you’re looking for. Be sure to get counsel from experienced charter sportsmen.

  • How do charters work?

A charter is the best way to get close to big game fishing if that is your thing. If you go to Kauai as a group for deep sea fishing, you can get your own charter. However, if you’re just one or two persons, it would make more economic sense to use Charter share trips. This is also because most boats won’t sail until they have at least 4 paying customers.

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