How to Take Proper Care of Trolling Motor Battery?

One of the most essential items that need to be maintained all time is your boat’s trolling motor battery. Other than this, some other important items to remember are fire extinguishers, depth finders, outboard engines, and more… These are the most critical parts of a boat.

Imagine, you are all set with all the required equipment for yourself to sail the boat for fishing, but the boat doesn’t start. It could be because the trolling motor doesn’t run and is stuck for some reasons. We have some basic tips that you can follow to maintain your trolling motor battery.

How to Take Proper Care of Trolling Motor Battery?

  1. Communicate with your engine and try starting your engine again. Listen to the sound of your trolling motor battery. If the engine makes noises instead of smooth sound, then your trolling motor definitional is showing the weakness of the battery.
  2. Keep your battery receipts handy with you always. It is so that you can easily replace it with the vendor or get it fixed if it is under warranty or insurance. Good reliable vendors replace the dead batteries with the good ones.trolling motor battery care
  3. Before you go for the trip or before you sail, it is very important that you get your battery charged up to the full. Get a portable charger if you want to save your life. Get a good charger so that it indicates you timely on the battery life. Some are specifically designed for marine battery charging options. You may buy two batteries always to be on safer side.
  4. Get your water level checked in the batteries if you have lead acid battery. One of the essential things to remember in these types of batteries is that you use distilled water over any other or tap water.
  5. Make a habit of wearing rubber gloves and protect your eyes while functioning or operating on batteries. The acid could be harmful for hands and eyes.
  6. Get your motor battery by a good reputed vendor. There are several if you check online but, buy the one with good reviews.
  7. Check the breakers and fused that are attached to your batteries. Breakers support your battery during periods when the battery is inactive so that it remains fully charged up when not in use. Breakers help the power to turn off when the battery is not operational.
  8. Always keep your batteries covered and tied properly while sailing as you surely want to follow the safety guidelines all time. In fact, this is a strict rule in many countries.

Buy the correct type of battery on trolling battery guides, check the water levels, and note any change before you start the boat. All these points will help you to sail on water with comfort and confidence. Read about the reviews of some of the top operational batteries online and check their performance by the previous owners before you buy. Help your battery from any leakages from lead acid by following proper safety measures.

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